Monday, May 24, 2010

New Roomie

I have a new roommate for the summer! Tori, a friend who just graduated from Baylor, moved up to Portland this past Thursday and will be here for 10 weeks. She is doing the Murdock summer internship that I was a part of last year. I plan on living vicariously through her Murdock experience.

I haven't shared a room with someone since my freshman year in the dorms, but so far I've loved having a "room"mate. It may mean less closet space, a shared bathroom, a lower bed (since we are splitting my usual 3-matress-high bed), falling asleep with the light on or getting ready in the dark, but I love the company!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Quick Texas Trip

This weekend I had a quick but wonderful trip to Texas.  What was already a short weekend became shorter when my flight from Portland to Dallas was rerouted due to thunderstorms in the DFW area.  I was supposed to land at the DFW airport at 11:45am on Friday morning, but my plane was rerouted to the Killeen/Fort Hood airport where we sat in a tiny terminal for 4 hours.  This was a total bummer because I was really looking forward to spending Friday afternoon with Sarah, Emily and the kids.  But I finally made it to Dallas at 5:00pm just in time to swing by to see Hannah, Alice Anne and Carter before their bedtime and then meet up with my friends for dinner.

Friday night, a group of us had dinner at Eno's in the Bishop Arts District.  The food and atmosphere were wonderful... and the company was even better.  I loved getting to spend time with my wonderful college friends and hear about everything that's going on in each person's life.  At one point, I tuned out on the conversation as I looked around at this incredible group of girls and realized how lucky I am to have each of them as my friend.

I spent the night at Emily's house both nights.  So Saturday morning I was woken up early by little Carter running downstairs in his pjs calling for "Aunt Mar Mar".  I was able to spend a little time with him and Sarah before they headed back to Waco that morning.

All of the hostesses for Merrill's baby shower came over early to help set up and we were able to kick back and relax as we ate Chick-fil-a for lunch (oh how I miss those nuggets and waffle fries!).  The baby shower on Saturday afternoon was great!  It was good to catch up with old friends and watch Merrill open presents as everyone "oo"ed and "ah"ed over all of the complex baby gadgets.  Merrill is such a cute little pregnant woman and just listening to her talk about the baby made me realize what a great mom she is going to be.  I teared up when I first saw her with her cute little belly.  I couldn't picture her being pregnant until I saw her and putting my hand on her belly, and feeling the little feet kick made it all so real.  I can't wait to meet baby Carl(a).

After the shower some of us had dinner at Manny's where we ate the Tex Mex I've been craving ever since my last trip to Texas.  The margaritas, queso and fajitas were everything I wanted and more!  This Mexican food fix should last me until this Friday. maybe.

And yesterday was strictly a family day.  Brunch with Mom and Dad and the Belfs, lots of playing with Hannah and Alice Anne, driving around with Uncle Les, and dinner with Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob.

Even though it was a short weekend, it was well worth the trip!  It really couldn't have been better (beside the whole layover in Killeen thing).  I loved having so many of my friends and family all in one city - that hardly ever happens!  Don't worry, pictures to follow.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gardening Weekend

Kathy and I finally got around to starting our own little garden this weekend.  We don't have much of a back yard (at all) so we decided to build an above ground gardening box for our herbs and vegetables.  I found some scraps of wood for free on a corner that we used for a couple of the side walls and then shopped at the Rebuilding Center (a used building material shop) where we bought the remainder of wood for $2.  Kathy and I sawed and hammered the wood together to make the perfect 3.5' x 1.5' garden box.  We went to a garden down the street called Seven Dees and bought soil, herbs, vegetables, and flowers.  We filled our garden box today and can't wait for the plants to really start growing!  We are going to see how this garden box goes and hopefully build a few smaller ones soon.  Before we know it we'll only have to go to our back yard for dinner!

Kathy should be a carpenter on the side.  She went to town with that saw!
Sawing (left handed) at the Rebuilding Center.  Several men stopped by to see if we needed their help.  We demonstrated our sweet sawing skills and sent them on their way.

Our lovely gardening box full of fresh produce.  Now that's what I call organic!
From left to right: lettuce, arugula and spinach, marigolds to keep the bugs away, basil, chives, cilantro and rosemary.
I already used some of the cilantro tonight!

I'm also starting a compost pile.  I found a pile of free dirt in front of someone's house (Portland is full of piles of free stuff) and the owner said I could take as much as I want.  I'll mix the compost with the dirt to make gardening soil.