Friday, August 5, 2011

Mom and Dad in PDX - Round 3

My parents came up to visit me in Portland for the 3rd time.  I'm so glad that they have been able to visit every year that I've been here so far.  And they came at the perfect time of year this time!  We did so much in 6 days: food carts, cookout with my church community group, the 4T Hike around Portland, dinner with the Moores, they came to my triathlon, Portland Farmer's market and Saturday Market, progressive dinner (Kells for drinks, Montage for dinner, and Papa Haydn's for dessert), church, The Grotto, kayaking and fishing at Trillium Lake, dinner with the Schoberts who just moved up from Waco, and Les Miserables.  Wow, looking back we did a LOT!  Thanks for making the trip up to Portland, Mom and Dad!!!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like one amazing weekend! You all sure did pack in a ton! Makes me want to come visit you so I can experience the greatness of Portland. :)