Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome Baby Henry!

Exactly one week ago, my newest little nephew Henry Woodall Starr was born to my sister Sarah and her husband Taylor in Waco.  Henry arrived on the morning of Monday, September 12th weighing in at 6 lbs 10 oz - so tiny!  It nearly killed me that I wasn't able to be there for his birth and I have yet to hold this little guy.  I will get to meet him when I go home for Christmas in a few months (although I look at flights to Texas everyday - especially when someone sends me a pic of him which makes me want to hold him right now).

Baby Henry, I know I haven't met you yet but Aunt Mary loves you already!  Can hardly wait to meet you!

The Starr family with their newest addition

Have you ever seen such a sweet big brother?

Aunt Emily and cousin Hannah with baby Henry... wish I could hold him! 

my 2 neices and 2 nephews... I'm one lucky aunt!

Look at that cute grin... you can't look at this picture and not smile yourself. 

What a good looking family!  Congrats Sarah, Taylor and Carter!


  1. Keep checking those flights! He's such a doll baby!!!

  2. We missed you so much last week! He wants to
    meet his Aunt Mary!!!