Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I spent a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving in Portland this year with a great group of friends.  Drew's mom and nephew were in town from South Carolina and definitely brought the Southern cooking with them.  In fact it was a Southern Thanksgiving all around since everyone in attendance was from either South Carolina, Georgia or Texas.  We even fried a turkey (just like my Uncle Rufus used to do) and had sides of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese (both which are considered vegetables in the South), collard greens, biscuits and dressin' (not "stuffing").

I think I'll let the delicious pictures speak for themselves...

Josh (aka Turkey Doctor) carving the fried turkey

a nice presentation of the platter of turkey, Doc!

getting all of the extra meat off of this bird...
my mama taught me how to dismantle a turkey!

that's right, even Drewsky did a little cooking
(not without a beer in hand, though)

the most amazing spread of deviled eggs
Naylan and I are planning to open a deviled egg/cakeball cart
speaking of cakeballs... pumpkin cakeballs!

drunk cranberries... just substitute Grand Marnier for water

the whole group at the Thanksgiving table:
Naylan and his girlfriend Trisha, Sheila, Drew, Kate, 6-yr-old Grayson, me, Josh

Christmas Tree Lighting
On Friday, we kicked off the Christmas season with the lighting of the Christmas tree at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland.

bundled up for the tree lighting

and then we topped the night off at Rogue Brewery where Kate and I met (and harassed) a local celeb and got his autograph... in sharpie on our forearms (ask me about the story later)


  1. You fried a turkey?!!?

    Mac n Cheese sounds like a great addition to Thanksgiving though. I can't remember the last time I had deviled eggs...

  2. Sounds like you had a great time, but you were missed here in Texas! We had a delicious spread of all the usuals. It was so yummy! I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins as a treat. Your recipe!

  3. The meal looks amazing! I really missed turkey and dressing and cranberries this year:(
    You could SO sell those cakeballs in Portland.

  4. I so enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with you and the gang. I guess you heard I extended my stay. Britton and I are going to make cake balls for Christmas. YUMMY. They were amazing.