Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mom in Portland

This is long overdue... but a month ago my mom came to visit me in Portland. My parents have both come up several times to visit, but this time my mom came all by herself. In fact, this was her first time to fly by herself and she impressively made it from the Waco airport to the Portland airport without losing her luggage or her mind. Way to go, Mom!

She mainly came to help out with all of my eye surgery appointments and recovery, but I made sure that we simply enjoyed the Portland scene as well. My mom is so laid back and easy going. I loved that she was able to experience my everyday Portland life: teaching the 2-yr-old Sunday school class, going for a walk with me and Amber, volunteering with Megan and I to serve breakfast at the Blanchet house, going to the library, riding bikes, cooking dinner and watching a movie, volunteering at my office, and just hanging out.

I'm so grateful that my mom was able to come stay with me for a whole week. Thanks Mom, especially for being my nurse and chauffeur after my surgery. I seriously don't know what I would have done without you. Come back anytime!

I put my mom on a bike in the rain and we biked downtown to the farmer's market.
This experience made her a legit Portlander. Way to go, Mom!

the Portland Winter Farmers Market on the Park Blocks
We had lunch with the Schoberts and Mom was able to meet Baby Trey

Chiqui invited us over for dinner at her house - she made a delicious Philipino dish,
followed by cakeball lessons with her girls

Mom helped build the pinata for my Portland party,
along with West, Jason and Drew

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  1. It was all so much fun! You did forget one of my most important endeavors, the down dog yoga pose! Ommmmm!
    Looking forward to my next visit. Love you!