Monday, March 5, 2012

11 Things to Know at 25(ish)

So I realized that today, March 5th, marks my half birthday.  Your half birthday is very important when you're still in the single digits.  Don't you remember correcting your mom when she would say, "You're just 5 years old..." and you would roll your eyes, put your hand on your scrawny waist, pop your hip, flip your curly pigtails and say (with a lisp), "I'm 5 and a half, mother!"

Well, that extra half year isn't so important as we get older; in fact most people try to deny that they are in fact getting older every day.  We know more than we did when we were 5 (and a half), but we haven't quite figured it all out yet.  My friend Megan sent me this article writen by Shauna Niequist, author of Cold Tangerines which I've previously referenced.  Read up, 20-somethings (and everyone else looking to be a "real adult")... this is wise advice and a great perspective on life.

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