Monday, May 28, 2012

MDW with Anne

My dear friend Anne came to visit me for the long holiday weekend.  This was her 3rd time to visit me in Portland (1st when she drove up with me to help me move, and 2nd when she came two Decembers ago).  We've already done all of the touristy stuff together so this time we were able to just bum around the town and do whatever we wanted.  This weekend is best told with pictures...

we stopped in Powells Books and each picked up a copy of The Phantom Tollbooth, Anne's childhood favorite

enjoyed a nice sunny lunch outside of Elephant's Deli

we treated ourselves to a pedicure (with champagne)

we drove to Seattle for the day on Saturday and went to Gas Works Park...

...stopped by to see the Troll Under the Bridge...

... went to a Mariner's game - it was actually "turn back the clock day" and they were playing as the Seattle Rainiers (and of course we went to Pike's Place Market in between all of this)

after church on Sunday, we went for a hike to Triple Falls in the gorge

and on Monday we went winetasting around Newberg with some girlfriends

Thanks for coming to visit me (again!), Anne!  Next time you come, I'll try to get Mount Hood to actually come out!

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  1. Why have I never heard of The Phantom Tollbooth?