Monday, April 28, 2014


Who would you say you are? How would you respond if someone said to you: “tell me about yourself."
Mary, tell me about yourself.
I am 28 years old. I’m from Texas. I live in SE Portland. I go to this church and I work at that organization. I drive this kind of car and I live in a little yellow house. I belong to this group and I’m part of that family.
I place so much of my identity in those statements. But I don’t think all of that makes up my identity; I think it tells about my circumstances.
What happens when all of a sudden those circumstances change? What happens especially when those circumstances change for the worse? What happens when you place your identity in your job, and all of a sudden you don’t have that job anymore… or you place your identity in that guy you were dating, and then you break up… or you place your identity in the car you drove, and suddenly the car has to be replaced… or you place your identity in your social group, but life changes and your group disperses.
I wouldn’t say I struggle with my identity. I am confident in the person that I am and my God-given potential. But sometimes I forget my true identity or I have a hard time expressing it.
True identity is found deep inside of you. It isn’t visible on your skin or in the letters that make up your name. Your true identity is always there, deep inside you; it doesn’t change or fade away. Throughout your life, your sense of identity will only grow stronger as you peel back the layers and gain a better understanding of the incredible person you are – the person God is refining you to be.
Oftentimes, your circumstances (good circumstances and even more so bad circumstances) give you a stronger sense of identity. Think of all of the times when you finally made it through life circumstances and came out on the other side saying “I really learned something during that time”… or “I gained a better understanding of who I am”… or “I’m stronger because of that experience."
It’s not possible to stand firm in your circumstances. They will change. But you can stand firm in your identity with confidence in the truth of who you are in the eyes of God.

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