Sunday, September 6, 2009

24th Birthday

Yesterday I celebrated my 24th birthday. 24 isn't too exciting of an age, but I am glad that I'm not 23 anymore (which just sounds so young). And turning 24 does mean that I only have 1 more year until I'm a quarter century old. I kicked the birthday weekend off by having a fun dinner with some friends on Friday night. We ate at The Saucebox - a swanky asian restaurant in downtown Portland.

This weekend is our friend Mandy's birthday as well, so last night a group of us had dinner at a mexican restaurant called The Matador. Afterwards, we went to Duke's Country Bar and Grill for a little line dancing. I'm not much of a dancer, so I didn't really get out on the floor, but I love watching other people dance - I think it is quite entertaining.

It was a great birthday, but very different from years past since I am far from family and Texas friends. Thank you all of for your birthday wishes! I feel very blessed (not to mention wiser and much more mature)!

the group at The Matador

Mandy, Kathy, Kathy and Mike boot, scoot, boogying

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  1. Are you kidding me? You're a great dancer! Lose that inhibition and get out there and boogie!