Monday, September 21, 2009

Summer in September

I've heard that September is one of the greatest months of the year in Portland, and so far it has been gorgeous! I've spent a lot of time in the great outdoors over the past week - especially now that I have my great new bike! A few days ago, I decided to go to the gym to workout. So I got in my car and rolled down the windows as I started driving away. A few minutes down the road I thought to myself, "This is crazy! Its perfect outside and I'm going to workout inside at the gym?" So I turned the car around, headed home, put my helmet on and went for a bike ride out in the sun. I've been running little errands on my bike as well. It just makes more sense to bike to the bank or the store which are only a couple miles away instead of fighting traffic and having to find a parking spot (and hopefully I'll save money on gas as well).

Yesterday, the weather was perfect. So after church and a nice outside lunch, my roommate Kathy and our friends Kathy and Mike and I went for a 17-mile bike ride along the Columbia River. It was the perfect way to spend a perfect day. Tonight, a group of girls from my home community group went for a nice jog at Reed College. Last week we talked about starting a running club in which we would hold each other accountable and all get together once a week to run. And we actually turned that talk into a reality! We had a great run and the scenery was gorgeous as the sun was setting over the hills in the distance. I'll be soaking up the sun and enjoying this great weather as much as I can before the dreary winter sets in and everyone goes into hibernation.

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  1. Sounds like an Indian Summer to me...enjoy it!