Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring is Here

The long dreary Northwest winter is finally behind us and spring time is quickly sweeping in!  These last couple of weeks have (for the most part) included lots of clear skies and much-needed sunshine.  This was my first full winter to go through here in Portland and boy is it different from Texas "winters".  I'm so glad that the short days filled with constant drizzly rain are over and the long and glorious summer is nearly here.  We have a new little garden in our front yard and fresh flowers in our house to celebrate the season.
I have also started researching tips on how to grow an herb garden.  Kathy and I are hoping to get one started this coming weekend.
Any thoughts/ideas/advice?


  1. An herb garden ought to do well in Portland since it usually doesn't get really hot. I've got some parsley, mint, lemon balm,and oregano already growing. Everything but the parsley made it through this past winter and came up again. Hannah gave us the parsley!

  2. The Northwest is truly beautiful this time of year. I know you will also enjoy the improvement in the weather.

  3. Just talk to Hannah...she'll give you all the advice you want and more, on growing an herb garden. She's pretty proud of hers!