Friday, April 30, 2010

Thunder and a Rainbow

I may have spoken to soon in my last post.  This week has been dreary and rainy. Every day.  I usually hate the rain, but on Wednesday evening we didn't have the typical drizzle.  We had a thunderstorm.  And I heard thunder... for the first time in over a year!  I seriously have not heard thunder since I've been in Portland.  I LOVE  thunderstorms.  I can't remember if I loved them this much while I was living in Texas or if the lack of them has made me love them that much more.

I was driving down the street on Wednesday as the rain began to come down hard and all of a sudden BOOM - a big clap of thunder!  I actually yelled out loud, "Thunder!"  One minute later I got a text from a Texas friend who also lives in Portland that said, "I just heard thunder!!! This is awesome!"  Oh what I wouldn't give to snuggle up in a blanket inside while watching and listening to a big loud thunder and lightening storm.

So next time you Texans are trapped inside by a thunderstorm, don't take it for granted.  Enjoy it for me!

the storm left a beautiful double rainbow behind


  1. How strange that weather like that is so different! The rainbows are beautiful!!!

  2. The rainbows are so pretty! A new perspective on thunderstorms...I like it!