Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tillamook Cheese

Tori and I have a list of things to do while she is in Portland for the summer.  A few of the items we have been able to check off our list include eating at The "Original" Taco House (a wannabe Tex-Mex restaurant close to our house), sitting on top of Mount Tabor to watch the sunset... and I guess we have a lot of things we still need to do.  Yesterday we checked another adventure off: visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Tillamook, Oregon about an hour and a half west of Portland.  The cheese factory is definitely a hot tourist spot and was quite crowded yesterday.  We read about the history of cheese, fun facts (did you know that it takes about 10 lbs of milk to make 1 lb of cheese?), observed the cheese production factory and process line, and tasted some yummy cheese (including squeeky cheese which actually squeeks on your teeth when you eat it) and ice cream (banana split flavored).

After the factory tour, we headed to Lincoln City which is right on the Oregon Coast.  We ordered lunch to go, climbed up a sand dune and ate as we watched the waves roll in.  It was a beautiful day for sitting on the beach.  We layed in the sand and relaxed for a while before heading back to Portland.  It was another relaxing, wonderful, sunny summer weekend!

the drive from Portland to Tillamook - beautiful farm land

Tori tasting some yummy cheese

munching on some cheese while observing the factory

relaxing on the beach at Lincoln City

our lunch spot view


  1. That last pic is beautiful! I'm needing some cool oceanfront place right now...100+ here in Waco!

  2. I love cheese! I could live off of it! It's definitely a staple in our house, and we love us some Tillamook!