Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Weekend

This weekend was the ultimate summer weekend.  A group of us made a day trip to Seattle on Saturday.  Tori and Alan had never been to Seattle (pretty understandable for Tori since she's only here for the summer, but Alan's lived here for over 3 years!).  So we made the 3 hour drive north and had a great day in the "Emerald City".  We first went to Pike Place Market where fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant, music is playing, and fish are flying - literally.  We bought some delicious Rainier cherries (just about the only cherries I'll eat now), sweet rasberry jam, an avacado the size of a small cantelope and fresh pluot (a plum apricot hybrid) smoothie to sip on as we walked around.

We headed down to the waterfront where Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountain Range were in full view over the Port of Seattle which flows into the Pacific Ocean.  We walked around and enjoyed the views (even though it was quite warm and muggy on Saturday), dropped into the Central Saloon (Seattle's oldest bar) for happy hour, then headed to the Mariner's game - the real reason we made the day trip to Seattle.  The Mariners played the Boston Red Sox; and since the Mariners are dead last in the American League West standings, we weren't expecting much of a game.  Plus, there were probably nearly as many Boston fans as there were Seattle fans at Safeco Field.  But the Mariners suprised us and beat the Sox 5-1 in an exciting baseball game!  We made it back to Portland around 2am and I dropped into bed exhausted after a fun-filled day.

Sunday, Tori and I slept in (which was much needed) then headed to the Sauvie Island beach with Stephanie.  It was a perfect day to lay on the sand and read a book - so relaxing!  As we were driving through northwest Portland, we came upon a young boy who was standing on the corner with a pitcher of lemonade and a box of brownies.  Even though I'm not a big lemonade fan, I love supporting kids who have eagerly set up a lemonade stand to earn a little extra summer spending money (we have all done this at some point in our childhood).   When we got home that evening, we decided to top off our super summer weekend by treating ourselves to a Burgerville milkshake.  Sitting outside partaking in America's favorite pasttime, basking on the beach, slurping down lemonade and milkshakes to ward off the summer heat... we couldn't have asked for a better summer weekend!

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