Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 days to go...

This weekend I had my final Hood to Coast meeting before the big race which starts on Friday, August 27th.  We discussed all of the details about what to expect during the race (being smelly and exhausted, but loving every minute of it) and revisited the reason we're running this intense 200-mile race from Mount Hood to the coast of Oregon in the first place... for Uganda!

Some of you may remember that I ran Hood to Coast last year, too.  I didn't realize until after signing on with my team that besides running this insane relay, we would also be raising money for a Ugandan organization called Eternal Impact. This was very exciting to me as I have such a love for the country and people of Uganda, and it gave me extra motivation to train for what's called "the mother of all relays".  I am running on the Eternal Impact team again this year and am just as exciting about the race (minus the no showers or sleep) as I am about supporting this wonderful organization.

So apparently you're a faithful blog reader - thank you!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your interest in and support of my everyday life, no matter how close or far you may be.  So now I'm asking you to support and encourage me in this race by helping me reach my $1,000 fundraising goal for Eternal Impact.  Don't shy away from me now!  Seriously, every little bit makes a difference - $5, $15, $50 - it all adds up and can make an incredible impact on those served in Uganda.

So log onto the Eternal Impact donation page and give whatever it is your big heart can give. (Make sure to designate funds for Hood 2 Coast Team, then Mary Carter.)  Thanks to those who have already given -- Mom and Dad, Granddaddy, Uncles Les, Uncle Bob and Aunt Judy, Kaitlyn, Laura, Hannah, Liesl, Alyssa, Anne, Kate.  I appreciate it more than you know!

One Mile at a Time
This year I am running a total of 15.45 miles over 3 legs.  My fundraising goal is $1,000.  That comes out to just under $65 per mile.  Here's my promise: if you sponsor a whole mile, then I will run that mile however you want me to run it... listening to your favorite band, wearing certain clothing, doing cartwheels (well maybe not since I'm trying to make a certain time).  This could get interesting!

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  1. Go, Mary! Can't wait to hear how it goes this weekend.