Monday, February 28, 2011

Fresh Eats

I love baking, but I've never been much of a cook.  I figure it's time to start filling my recipe box with more than brownie, cookie and bread recipes.  Unfortunately, woman can't live on carbs and sweets alone.  I'm also trying to be more conscious about eating more fresh foods and less processed foods.  Out with the granola bars and crackers, in with the fruits and veggies!

So far I've done pretty well with my cooking resolution...

I've started making homemade hummus on a regular basis.

I made homemade pesto with pinenuts and walnuts

Then used it for a pesto pasta salad with shrimp

I cooked chicken cordon bleu for my home community group a couple weeks ago
And last night I made Cajun Gumbo with fresh veggies

I love using recipes that are tried and true - I get most of them from my sisters or from friend's cooking blogs.  So if you have some favorite recipes, pass them along!  Bon appétit!

Somewhat Celeb Sighting
On a completely unrelated note: Saturday afternoon, I was in the downtown Macy's browsing around.  A couple of the shoe clerks who were helping me mentioned that they had just seen an NBA basketball player and were a little star struck.  I brushed it off and continued my shopping.  As I hopped on the escalator, I heard a man say, "Yeah, we're just in town from Atlanta for the weekend."  I turned around real quick and blatantly stared at a 6' 9" guy... who saw me staring and said, "Hey, short stuff.  How you doing?"  Caught off guard and awkwardly ascending away from him on an escalator, I stammered, "Hi, I'm good. How are you?"  He kind of laughed and thankfully I was quickly out of sight and on the second floor.  Since it wasn't really an indepth, meaningful conversation I didn't catch his name - but I think it was either Joe Johnson or Marvin Williams.  So if you ever want tickets to an Atlanta Hawks game, "short stuff" over here has got the hook up!


  1. YUM!!! there's really gonna be some competition when the 3 sisters get together. Don't worry, Sarah's not much competition, I win every time ;)
    How was the gumbo?? You'll have to make your hummus when we come do big P!!

  2. Ummm, just make sure you never try Emily's sausage ball recipe...could cause awful stomach pains! Have you tried the lemon linguine one I sent you yet? It's awesome and so easy!
    aka best cook in the fam!

  3. omg, I'm not about to get into this mud slinging competition... however my cooking skills are rapidly improving day by day, so I might just be a pro by this Christmas.
    The gumbo was spicy and delish. I'll have to try that linguine soon too!

  4. So glad that I have 3 daughters who are all amazing cooks. Unfortunately, I can't take credit for it. Wait...maybe those fish sticks and tuna pies are what absolutely turned you into great more of that stuff!

  5. Haha...I'm getting a kick out of you cute Carter girls! :) And Mary- yummy, gonna hafta try the hummus!

  6. Look at all that yummy food! Way to go Mary!