Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Year Later at Meadows

Exactly one year ago today, I broke my wrist snowboarding at Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort. I've only been snowboarding once since that fateful day and I decided that I needed to get back up there on this 1 year anniversary to show the mountain who's boss (or at least just make nice to the monster that put me in a full-arm cast for 10 weeks).

So Alan, his coworker Pat and I headed up to Meadows for an afternoon on the slopes.  I still had plenty of falls (its going to be pretty dreadful sitting on my sore tailbone tomorrow) and there were definitely times when I wanted to chop down some trees, build a fire and burn my board today, but at the end of the day I gained a little extra confidence and am looking forward to a few more days of boarding before the season is over.
Alan and I with our sweet boards
a crowded day on the mountain

on the lift... headed into the unknown
my biggest accomplishment today: not once did I eat it getting off the chair lift!

Alan flying down the mountain like a pro

me creeping down the mountain like a beginner
warning: the beginning of this video may make you dizzy... yes Alan is videoing this while snowboarding. impressive.


  1. Impressive!
    I was going to say that you win the videographer award, but then I realized that Alan was videoing as he snowboarded down the mountain...he may be the winner.
    Last time I'm gonna' say, "WHERE'S YOUR HELMET?"

  2. Mary, very impressive! But I'm with Mom... Where is your helmet?!

  3. Alan, Impressive!!
    Mary, a little less impressive, but I'm still impressed that your back on the mountain!
    Whatever about the helmet mom!
    We've got to go get dressed so we can come pick you up!! Hannah's about to wet her pants she's so excited!