Thursday, April 14, 2011

Uganda Adventure 2011

I returned on Sunday from two weeks in Uganda with my mom, aunt Judy and cousin Claire.  It was an amazing trip... and quite an adventure.  This was my third trip to visit my Aunt Janice and Uncle Tim at Restoration Gateway in Northern Uganda but the first for the rest of the crew.  Another family friend and her two daughters joined us for past of the time as well... it was quite the "mother-daughter" trip.  I loved having this experience with my family.

There were hundreds of memorable moments in this trip, but I will share some of my favorites and then let the pictures speak for themselves:
- going to sleep when it got dark and waking with the sunrise
- sitting on the porch of Mama Grace's house playing with little David, Christopher and Santo
- Santo appearing out of nowhere all the time
- playing frisbee with the kindergarden class
- observing my mom teaching the children how to read and write
- sitting under a tree sipping a cold Coca Cola and discussing Ugandan culture with Joseph
- walking through Karuma village and running into Ugandan friends from past trips
- biking to Karuma and back with Claire
- Claire screaming as she rode a boke with no brakes or shocks down the bumpy road
- playing dominoes by headlamp
- spending the night in the container with Janice and chatting in bed
- helping Mitch calculate and pay the worker's salaries
- climbing the water tower to watch the sunrise over the Nile River
- fishing in the Nile with Mitch
- sitting by the fire listening to Joel tell how he was captured by the LRA
- nearly getting attached by a 10-foot crocodile on the boat safari
- eating dinner at Acholi Inn where the LRA used to stake out during the war

Little David singing the "Allelujah Amen song" over and over
... it never got old


  1. Good memories!!! I couldn't keep from smiling really big watching that video.

  2. Great pictures! Glad y'all had a good trip and are back safely!

  3. What an amazing trip. So glad I was talked into going!