Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cold Climate Region

I hear that summer has arrived in other parts of the country, but I haven’t experienced it first-hand yet here in the Pacific Northwest. Despite the fact that it is past Memorial Day and June is now upon us, the dreary rain and cooler temperatures insist on hanging around Portland. I’ve defiantly donned summer dressed and sandals in an attempt to “stick it to the (weather)man”… which usually just leaves me with goose bumps and threats of going back to Uganda indefinitely.

I was hit with the depressing reality of the climate in which I live a couple weeks ago…
I bribed myself in that if I finished the Eugene Marathon, I could buy myself a new swimsuit at J.Crew. So one Saturday in May, I went to the downtown J.Crew store and started wondering around looking for my great new swimsuit. After walking through the entire store and not spotting any pool wear, I asked one of the sales people where the swimsuits were. “Oh, we actually don’t carry swimsuits in store since we live in the “cold climate region” of the country. You have to order them online.” I think my jaw dropped and I nearly spilled my hot coffee on myself (which wouldn’t have mattered anyway since I was wear my rain jacket). Come to find out, none of the J.Crew stores in all of Oregon and Washington carry swimsuits. That’s just ridiculous.

But I have faith that the sun will eventually find its way out here. Until then, I will continue to wear summer dresses (and a jacket) during the day and sleep in my long pajamas with my electric blanket turned on at night.

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  1. I would just like you to know that it was 97 degrees and MISERABLE earlier this week. ugh. also - I need to call you.