Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012 and Laura's Wedding

I’m so thankful that I was able to spend a nice long time in Texas for Christmas again this year. I flew into Dallas on my niece Hannah’s 6th birthday and was able to celebrate with her at her birthday dinner, for which she chose to have chicken ceasar salad for her special meal. After having breakfast with family in Dallas, my mom and I headed down to Waco and then I continued on to Austin for dinner with Merrill and Whitney. Though I was only in Austin for a few hours, I’m so glad that I was able to catch up with these friends and meet Merrill’s 4-week-old daughter, Leighton.
What a cutie – and look at that hair!

my Austin girls
Over the break, I was able to spend lots of quality time with great friends and family. I’m so grateful to still have such strong relationships back in Texas, even though I now live 2,000 miles away. I tried to soak it all in: breakfast at Café Cappuccino with Granddaddy and Barbara, walks and runs with Hannah, church at Dayspring, great book conversations with Jed, playtime with Carter and Henry, hunting with Taylor, hanging out and wrapping gifts with the Olsons, chatting with Sydney and Anne, Baylor football watching with Dillon, fishing with Uncle Les, playing scrabble with Aunt Janice, walks with Mom, runs with Dad, Dallas girl’s day with Emily and Sarah, and of course all of the family holiday festivities.
hanging with Hannah

huntin' with Taylor and Carter
don't mess with Texas

fishing with Uncle Les (warning: when you hold a fish for too long and squeeze a little too hard, it poops in your hand)

dinner at Mi Cocina with the sisters and kids

Carter Family Christmas
I’m always a bit overwhelmed by the changes I encounter each time I’m back in Texas (cousin’s new babies, friend’s new boyfriends, growing kids, unfamiliar faces at church) and I realize how long I’ve been gone. But then I go for a run and wave to friendly neighbors who still know me by name or go to the grocery store and bump into high school friends and feel like I never left.
Laura's Wedding 
I had an extra-long break in Texas because my cousin Laura got married on New Year’s Eve. The whole Carter Clan traveled to Fredericksburg for the wedding and rang in the New Year toasting champagne and dancing at the reception. It was quite a beautiful wedding – congrats Laura and Ryan!
the happy couple

the cutest and most experienced flower girls and ring bearer around

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  1. Glad you could szueeze in so much while in Texas!! Especially glad Bill and I got to spend some time with you at the wedding! Can't believe we didnt take a picture together. :( Next time!