Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Napa/Sonoma Weekend Getaway

This past weekend I had the perfect getaway that I’ve been needing for quite some time. I’ve been working a lot over the last several months and I finally feel like I can take some time off to unwind. It seems like most of the time I travel it is to see family or do something really active. I really wanted to take a trip that was completely relaxing and enjoyable. So what better place to go than Napa for a little wine country getaway!
I talked my friend Meredith into joining me on this trip (it didn’t take much convincing). Meredith lives in San Francisco, so I flew into OAK on Thursday evening, she picked me up and we drove north to Sonoma County. I have a friend who owns a condo in Sonoma and he kindly offered to let us stay there for the weekend. It was so wonderful to have a beautiful home right in the valley in which to stay.

Let me outline what makes a Napa weekend perfectly relaxing:
- Don’t set an alarm. Wake up when you wake up. Make coffee and enjoy a lazy morning around the house.
- Visit at least 4 wineries during your weekend stay. There are more than 450 wineries in the Napa/Sonoma area, so just know that you’re going to have to make multiple trips to this area during your lifetime. This might have become my new top location for a second home!
- End your day of wine tasting with pizza from my local business, Mary’s Pizza.
- Watch plenty of Aubrey Hepburn movies including Roman Holiday and My Fair Lady.
- Go for a walk or a run around the neighborhood, but be careful not to get too lost in the unfamiliar neighborhoods.
- Enjoy strolling around the Sonoma Square, and maybe even stop to swing on the swing set.
- Listen to mixed CDs from the last 1990s early 2000s. Best enjoyed with the car windows rolled down.
- Bring your sunglasses and enjoy the 70 degree weather.
- Stop by Kirby Cove on your way home and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco skyline.
- Make sure to travel with a friend with whom you can be ridiculously silly and also have great conversations.
- Have someone amazing pick you up from the airport when you get home so that you’re not too sad that your weekend getaway is over.

unbelievably beautiful
our first stop: Cakebread Cellars

our fun wine tasting group

we were able to visit a friend who works in the Neyers Vineyards tasting room
champagne at Gloria Ferrer

enjoyed a delicious lunch at The Girl and the Fig

wine tasting and lawn games at Larson Winery

incredible view above San Fran
a great welcome home sign from a certain someone who greeted me at the airport
Winemaker for a Day
My friend and coworker Mike has taken up winemaking as a hobby, and a couple of weeks ago I was able to help him bottle his wine.  ORE Winery is operating out of SE Wine Collective here in Portland.  The wine has been fermenting in barrels for the past 8 months and is maturing into a fabulous Pinot Noir. 
filling up the bottles

Mike the winemaker, and helpers Mary, Robby and Matt

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