Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow Days

Two weekends ago Portland got some major snow!  Like 6 inches of white, fluffy, powder snow.  It was beautiful.  And it shut the city down for 3 and a half days.  Snow days are fun, but snow weekends are glorious.  For 3 days, the whole city was forced to stay off the streets and in their homes, or at least their neighborhoods.  I didn't touch my car for 3 days.  If I wanted to get out to go anywhere, I had to walk.
The snow weekend was great because it forced me to slow down and just relax.  I knitted, read books, watched movies, cleaned out my closet, went for walks, and played cards with our neighbors.  Once the snow started falling on Thursday, Megan and her roommate Becca (who live in the suburbs) decided that if they were going to be stuck at home all weekend, they wanted to at least be in the city.  So they packed up their bags and came to my house for the weekend, which was perfect because my roommates were both out of town.  I loved just hanging out and doing whatever we wanted to do each day.
sometimes we actually did nothing but stare at the snow
Laurelhurst Park by my house became a snow park!

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