Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baylor Homecoming

This weekend was Baylor University Homecoming in Waco. This is my 2nd homecoming to go to since I graduated in May '08. It's always great to be home and see family and friends, but it can be overwhelming when there are so many people in town for just a day and a half.

Friday night, I had an early dinner with family at Ninfa's and then joined friends for a later dinner at Ninfa's as well (its important to load up on good Mexican food when in Texas)! My friend Emily drove in from Little Rock and spent the night with me - that was a special treat since I haven't seend her since homecoming last year. Saturday morning, we woke up early and went to Baylor campus for the parade. Hannah made her way to the front of the crowd, waved at every single person in the parade, and loaded up her purse with lots of candy. We all went to part of the football game, but the girls snuck out early to do a little shopping. Yesterday was Sarah's 27th birthday so we all hung out and had birthday dinner at her house. Later, all of my friends and I rondevoused at Crickets where practically all of Baylor was. It was a whirl wind weekend, but it was so much fun!

Granddaddy's Wedding

Sunday was a big day for the fam... Granddaddy got married to Barbara Boone! The ceremony was in the Columbus chapel and was followed by a reception with cake and punch. Congratulations Granddaddy and welcome to the family Barbara!

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  1. I'm so glad you were home for all the events! Love you!