Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How He Loves

Allow me to be vulnerable with you. Life has been busy lately. Things keep going and don't slow down. Its easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out by all that life throws at us. Whether its 12-hour work days, being 2,000 miles away from "home", finances, relationships, singleness, exhaustion, self image... Have you ever lost your focus, wandered off the path and suddenly realized you're not where you need to be. I've been trying to consciously redirect my focus when I begin to wander. One way I do that is through music. I've set my ipod on the David Crowder Band for the past week. Every time I wake up in a crabby mood, leave work feeling exhausted or just need a boost, I listen to my current favorite song: "How He Loves Us". Take 5 minutes to listen to this song. Listen to the words. Let them really sink in. They hold so much truth.

1 comment:

  1. Hey honey,
    Surely you never wake up in a crabby mood?! Thanks for sharing. We all need to be reminded of God's love and what's least, I do! I've been really stressed out at school this year, so I needed that word...thanks.
    Love you.