Sunday, November 8, 2009

Medical Teams International Auction

For the past 2 and a half weeks I've been working for Medical Teams International, an incredible organization that provides aid for disaster relief, conflict and poverty around the world. MTI is currently involved in 25 different countries (including Uganda). I was brought on as temporary staff in the development department to work on MTI's biggest fundraiser - their annual Great Adventure auction. These past couple of weeks have been very busy preparing for the big event. I've practically lived at the offices for the past few days and feel a little sleep deprived, but have loved every minute of it.

The auction was held last night at the MTI offices (the warehouse was transformed into an exotic party room) and everything went great! We raised $1.25 million dollars, exceeding our goal of $1 million. The night started out with a silent auction in which the guests could write out bids for international items, artwork, entertainment packages and wine. The guests were then led into the dinning area by a Ghanaian drumming group where dinner was served and the live auction began. Most of the night I was running around with my walkie talkie headset and clip board (probably looking more official and important than I really was) helping take care of the details and making sure everything ran smoothly, but I was able to actually enjoy most of the live auction program. The auction items were incredible! Vacations to Mexico, Hawaii and Italy, wine tours, climbing Mount Hood with Stacy Allison (the 1st American woman to summit Mount Everest), skiing with Waren Miller, and even a little Terrier puppy that sold for $10,000!! Big numbers were flying up in the air - there were some very generous people in the crowd!

Overall, this was a wonderful experience helping out with an incredible event. I will still be working with Medical Teams for the next few weeks wrapping things up for the auction. And we'll see where this might lead!

Created for Purpose
I am currently reading the book Created for Purpose by Ron Post, the founder of Medical Teams International (formerly Northwest Medical Teams). It is the inspirational story of how one man got "thousands of ordinary people to get out of their chairs" and do something.

"God has a plan and a purpose for each of us and all we have to do is allow Him to work that plan... He will give you everything you need to accomplish this and the results for your life will be contentment and joy. Do we need anything else?"

-Ron Post, Created for Purpose


  1. Mary,
    We only gave headsets and clipboards to a few people on Saturday--people we could trust to solve problems and keep us on course. You've done such a great job for us these past weeks that we knew we could trust you. You've truly been a Godsend to us.
    Bas Vanderzalm
    Medical Teams International

  2. So glad that you had the opportunity to work on this! I love the looks amazing.
    Get some rest this week! Love, MOM

  3. Hey Mary,
    You have been a huge blessing to our auction team. Annie and I could not have done it without you. You are so smart, hard-working and positive. You have so many talents, including your ability to fly around our warehouse in high heel on auction night. How in the world did you do that? :)

    Thank you for your extraordinary efforts!

    Deb Hirsh
    Auction Manager
    Medical Teams International

  4. Hi Mary,
    There were so many times when both Karen and I called you on that Walkie Talkie during MTI's big event, so very thankful that you were here! You did an amazing job, you became part of the team so quickly and (wow!)what a blessing!

    Thank YOU!
    Vickie Kehler
    Director, Human Resources
    Medical Teams International

  5. Hi Miss Mary,
    MTI has been such a blessing in my life and I am constantly amazed at the incredible people that I have met through the MTI conneciton. You are one of them! I look forward to working together to make the 2010 Great Adventure auction even better than this year's huge success! With your energy & spirit it will happen! Thank you for joining the team!
    Dana Cress, GA Auction Co-Chair