Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Hannah!

Yesterday was my niece Hannah's 3rd birthday - she's such a big girl! My sister Emily said that the night before Hannah's birthday as she was getting in bed she said, "Mommy, what will I do when I'm three years old?" if the next day she was going to experience a big life transformation. Hannah had a dress-up princess party and she was so excited for all of her friends to come over to celebrate with her. All of the little girls and boys threw on prince and princess clothes, loaded up on sugary snacks and ran around the backyard like wild! Little Alice Anne took full advantage of having aunts and grandparents around who will spoil her and stayed close to the goodie table where people continued to hand her treats which she shoveled into her mouth. It was a crazy, but fun party! I can't believe Little Hannah is already 3 years old, but I also can't remember not having her in the family. I love you so much Hannah!

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