Monday, February 22, 2010


This weekend, my good friend Sydney came to visit from Pasadina, California (right outside of LA).  Her friend Brittany came up with her and we had a fun girl's weekend.  The weather was perfect for being outside and exploring the city.  We hiked, did lots of shopping (I somehow managed not to spend a dime) and enjoyed some great food (including Por Que No, Bread and Ink, Portland City Grill and Papa Hayden's).  I love having friends come visit and showing them where I live. Now I can't wait to visit Sydney in Southern California!

hiking at Multnomah Falls

Syd and I at Portland City Grill

Broken Wrist Update
I was supposed to have my next doctor's appointment tomorrow, but I called and got it bumped up to today.  1) because the swelling had gone down and 2) because I got an eye liner cap stuck in my cast.  Yep, that's what I said.  I was trying to scratch an itch with an eye liner pencil and the cap got stuck.  It was pretty uncomfortable having a cap pressured between my cast and my skin.  The doctor put a new cast on today - a hard cast that goes up past my elbow.  Not what I was hoping for.  I'll have this on for 2 weeks and then I'll exchange it for a short cast.  I'm still hoping for a speedy recovery!

This is a picture of my arm in between casts.  Its yellow from the iodine used at the clinic and there is still some blood from the numbing shots given to me the day of the injury.  Apparently they can't rub my arm clean because it could disturb the bone placement.


  1. I figured out how to post a comment! And, sick...It looks like it stinks! :)

  2. Take a pic of your new SUPER cast! I remember when I was little thinking it would be cool to break something and have a cast. Uh, I don't think so!

  3. Por Que No, Bread and Ink, Portland City Grill and Papa Hayden's? Just add Laughing Planet and you've got all my favorites! I just wish I was there to go with you! And I agree with your mom! Don't hide that beautiful cast...and get some signatures :)
    Love you!

  4. Aww...poor girl! But...what color did you get? I'm with your mom, wanna see pictures of it! :)

  5. ewwww...that arm does not look good! can we get a pic of the cast up the arm?
    at least you had sydney there for the weekend to help take your mind off your arm!