Monday, February 1, 2010

1 Year Anniversary in Portland

Today is my one year Portland anniversary.  On this day one year ago, I was bused into Portland after an unexpected overnight layover in Seattle.  I can't believe I have been here a whole year.  The city still seems so new to me.  Yet I am amazed at how much I love my new home and all of its little quirks.

I've learned so much this past year.  Not only about the city but also about myself.  I've grown in ways that I didn't even know I could.  If I was to describe this past year in one word it would be this: discovery.

Within the last year I have discovered:
- not to judge a book by its cover (or people by their appearance)
- how to branch out and be persistent - even in uncomfortable situations
- what it feels like to be "the new person"
- how to reach out to other new people
- networking is everything
- how to really appreciate the beauty of nature
- I'm not naturally tan, I've just always lived in Texas
- I say certain words funny
- other people talk funny too
- how great my family and friends back in Texas really are
- not everyone loves country music
- no matter how far away you go, people won't forget you
- there really is a season called Winter
- how to cope with the dreary rain (well, I'm still working on that one)
- I'm willing to try anything once
- you never know what the future may hold


  1. So proud of you, Mary! It's not always easy to do something that's not the "norm". I know that moving across the country while all your family is still back in Texas is difficult and not everyone always agrees, and you did it all by yourself! So good for you! I'm happy that you've had such a great experience and grown so much through it! Portland is lucky to have you!

  2. Happy anniversary! SO glad you stuck it out! Here's to an amazing second year in the northwest!

  3. I am just SO glad you moved to Portland. What would I have done without you? Probably died.