Thursday, January 27, 2011


Have you guys seen Portlandia yet?  It's a 6-episode short-based comedy series which takes the audience to a dreamy and absurd rendering of Portland, Oregon.  And for the most part... it's totally true.  I'm not sure if it will be funny to those not living in Portland, but it's all us Portlanders can talk about.  I watched the first episode with friends last week and throughout the entire thing we were all laughing and saying, "Yes, that is so Portland!!"

It may seem over the top that the show features people asking their waitress details about the life of the free-range chicken they are about to eat, or people riding around on double-decker bikes and unicycles, extreme feminists, or adults who actually participate in an adult hide-and-seek league.  But it's real!  Portland truly is the "place where young people go to retire".  This show will give you a glimpse of how unique (and totally weird) Portland really is!


  1. haha oh Mary! this is hysterical. David called me at work to tell me I had to ready this post! I think we are going to have to watch this!

  2. I love it that in every episode they find a way to distinguish themselves from "Seattle".

  3. I'm so glad I know a Portlander, and have a good excuse to visit! You know I'm a frustrated "hippie-wanna-be"!