Monday, January 17, 2011

Rock Climbing

My friend Megan and I have decided to join in on one of Oregon's most popular activities: rock climbing. Megan experimented with outdoor rock climbing a bit when she lived in Kenya this past year.  The only experience I've ever had with the sport is climbing the Baylor rock wall once my freshman year of college. (Baylor actually has a great rock wall which stands at 52 feet.  I wish I had taken more advantage of it.  If you live in Waco, you should try it out.)

We found an awesome rock wall at a gym close to our work.  So we had a private climbing lesson, became belay certified, purchased a 10-time flash pass and invested in our own climbing shoes and harnesses.

We are going to try to climb once or twice a week so that we can build up skills and strength for outdoor climbing this summer.  Rock climbing is a physically demanding sport - my arms were so sore the first time I climbed that I could barely grip a pen the next day.  But climbing is a great challenge and actually a really fun activity to do with friends.  Climb on!


  1. That rock is so cool looking.
    What is belay certified?

  2. Oh, how I love and miss rock climbing! I actually asked Ollie last year for my birthday to go indoor rock climbing for a day or so. Look, it's almost a year later and we still haven't gone. But you've inspired me once again and so hopefully we'll do it soon!