Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yoga Ball Chair

I have to admit, sometimes I have a really hard time sitting at a desk for the majority of the day.  Sitting in a not-so-comfortable swivel desk chair can get pretty uncomfortable pretty quick.  I was reading an article about health on Monday and it mentioned the benefits of trading in your desk chair for an exercise ball.  I've heard of this before and always thought it was weird.  I mean seriously, who sits on a big neon bouncy ball (which is normally used for yoga, crunches and push ups) in a professional work environment?  But as I kept reading, I realized all of the wonderful benefits that come with trading a normal desk chair with an exercise ball: increased core strength, improved posture and decrease back pain, better circulation, burning up to 350 calories a day at the office!

So as of yesterday, I have replaced my lame desk chair with a bright green 65cm exercise ball... and I love it!  I'm never going back.  I talked up the idea to my coworkers on Monday and Tuesday.  I don't want to be "that one weird girl who sits on a bouncy ball at work", so I got several of them on board with me and now Megan and Mary Lee have ditched their old desk chairs for a stability ball, too.  Several coworkers have stopped by my office and said, "Hey Mary, why are you sitting on a ball?"  "Why not?!"  They tried it out and agreed that it's pretty comfortable (and even kind of fun).  I think I've started a new MTI office trend!

And I promise not to be this annoying coworker:


  1. That is hilarious, Dwight!
    I, too, have read/heard about the bouncy ball desk chair. I love it! I'm going to get ours out and try it.

  2. I love the yoga ball chair idea! I too hate sitting at my desk chair all day. I think this may definitely be something I need to look into getting. By the way, love your cube... very cute!