Thursday, July 21, 2011

Interview with God

Right now we are in the middle (hopefully closer to the end) of hiring a new development officer at work. This position has been open for a while and needs to have been filled yesterday. We have seen a wide range of candidates. All have come across as good, nice people; kind, intelligent, hardworking. They have put on their best suit, presented a resume of skills and accomplishments, and done their best to “sell” themselves as the best fit for this position. They tell us what a respectable organization this is, how much they would love to be a part of this team, and how they would add value to our work. After the interview, they write thank you letters to show appreciation for our time and consideration. One last plea for our acceptance. Then await a phone call saying, “You’re hired.”

Of all of the people we have interviewed so far, we still haven’t found the right one for this position. Despite their accomplishments, kindness, and desire for this job, there’s just something about each one that wouldn’t work. I think about what each candidate must have thought after their interview. Probably: “I nailed it. I was professional. I answered their questions. I showed confidence. There’s no reason for me not to get this job.” And then they receive the phone call saying, “Thank you for applying for this position and interviewing with us. However, we have decided not to hire you.” Rejection. In their mind it just doesn’t make sense.

Sometimes I think we are this way with God. We do our research by reading the Bible and studying theology. We build our resume by going to church, attending Bible studies, volunteering and just being "good" people. We put on our best suit, present our accomplishments, and give him the answers we think he wants to hear. We write our thank you letters through prayer – pleading for him to grant our requests – and wait for him to say, “Well done. You’re hired.” We want him to give us what we want: that perfect job, husband, financial situation, opportunity, health, life. Yet sometimes (maybe more often than not) we get rejected.

And we think: “Seriously? I thought I nailed it. I’m the perfect fit for ___________. I’ve got the skills, the personality, the desire. Why wouldn’t God hire me?”

Apparently God has his own business plan which is bigger and more encompassing than our narrow little daily task list.  It's definitely frustrating at times to not be the boss and have control.  And God is a tricky boss because sometimes he doesn't call us into his planning meetings where he casts his vision for the upcoming year, goes line by line through the budget, sets hard fast goals for us and then sets us loose to close the deals for ourselves.  In God's business, faith is a key corporate value.

But the good thing is, God can see past our crisp black suits into our aching, vulnerable hearts.  He's not a boss we have to constantly impress and keep a completely professional relationship with.  Although he may not "hire" us for every position we apply for, he we always listen to our requests and be open to discussion.  And no matter how many times we let him down and fall short of our goals, he will never fire us.

Trusting the Boss Man
"The Lord teaches you what is best for you and directs you in the way you should go. If you pay attention to his commands your peace will be like a river, your well-being like the waves of the sea."
- Isaiah 48:17-18

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."
- Isaiah 55:8-9

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  1. Very well said. And just what I needed to read today. Thanks!