Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long 4th of July Weekend

This was a wonderful, long 4th of July weekend.  So good that several times I felt like I was back in college!  The weather in Portland was perfect!!  Apparently it was the first weekend that we've had 2 consecutive days of sun since February.  Summer is finally here!

The weekend consisted of several bike rides, lots of reading outside, nachos and margaritas, fire pits and smores, kayaking on the Columbia River at Rooster Rock in the Gorge, a real deal road trip (9 people in a 7 passenger van, stopping at visitors centers, lots of pictures, trail mix, guide books and maps, James Taylor on the radio) touring Mount St Helens with the Moores and Amoses, corn hole, cook outs, and fireworks.  I love fireworks and Fort Vancouver just across the border in Washington is known for its amazing fireworks show.  So the 9 of us (plus Toby the chocolate Lab) drove up to watch the fireworks from the top floor of the Murdock office.  The boys and I even climbed up on the roof of the building and had an incredible view of all the fireworks shows (there were at least 40-50!) going on around the Portland and Vancouver areas.  It was amazing to be stand up there and have a 360 view of fireworks exploding all along the horizon.

It's weekends like this that make the long, dreary wait for the summer worth it!

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  1. That sounds so "cool"....literally and figuratively speaking. Couldn't do any of that here...too HOT!