Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yesterday evening we had an "Intern Celebration" with Murdock interns from the previous summers as well as interns for this coming summer. We planned an evening of "fun, fellowship and food" (bowling and pizza). This event has been planned for a while and I was a little nervous to go bowling seeing how I haven't been in quite some time. So Mary Hill brought her grandsons' foam bowling game to work yesterday and we turned the intern office into a practice bowling lane. I did pretty well with the kiddie set, so I was feeling confident in my bowling skills. But it turned out that I wasn't quite ready for the big leagues. At least I broke 100 (in my 2-game combined score, that is). Terry had some bowling issues, too. He had really been talking himself up all morning and he even dressed for the part, but he burst his bubble (and his knees) on the first bowl. I think he threw too much of his energy (and body) into the release of the 14 lb bolwing ball, and he clumsily rolled down the lane with it. He actually ended up in lane 5 - and he was bowling in lane 2! He blamed it on his slippery shoes and exchanged them for a new pair - I don't think that was the real problem, Terry!

After a few bowling games, we headed back to the office where we enjoyed yummy pizza and took time to dig deeper in each others' lives. We each talked about the path which led us here and what we thought our future might hold. It wasn't just small talk over dinner, it was actual issues that we were actually facing. I enjoyed the vulnerability and openness of the group. You can just imagine what is on the hearts and minds of a bunch of young 20-aged adults. It was all very real - real situations, real fears, real uncertainties. We all had two things in common, though: we want to following God's calling in our lives (after we find it of course) and we were somehow lucky enough to spend some time at Murdock. I realized last night how blessed I am to be a part of such a wonderful group.

rolling a strike during foam bowling practice

Mary and Mary (my second mom)

Mary and Carrie

right before the ball rolled into the gutter

typical Terry

the gang: Katy (a fellow summer intern), Mary, Mark, Terry


  1. What a great experience you're having up there! By the way, I love your hair! Love and miss you!

  2. Fun!! You didn't tell me you cut your bangs...cute! And I'm still mad at you for telling me that you're not looking for a job anywhere other that Portland! And Hannah was really upset when I told her!