Sunday, June 14, 2009

Granddaddy in Portland

This weekend, Granddaddy came up to Portland for a visit! He was only here for a day and a half, but we did a lot during that time. Saturday afternoon we had a great lunch at Elephant Deli, one of my favorite spots. Then we went to the Rose Gardens which are finally in bloom. The amount and variety of roses is incredible and absolutely gorgeous. That evening we had a nice northwest seafood dinner at Stanford's.

Today was another full day. Granddaddy went to church at Imago Dei with me and got to meet some of the people in my home community group. Imago is definitely different from the typical Southern Baptist church, but I think he really enjoyed the service. Then I gave him a tour of my house and neighborhood before we headed east to Multnomah Falls. The drive toward the falls is a breathtaking route along the Columbia River. The falls is a popular tourist attraction and was quite crowded this afternoon. We took in the beauty of the waterfall, then took in the yummy brunch at the Multnomah Falls restaurant. Tonight we went to the Andre Rieu Symphony Orchestra concert - the main reason Granddaddy came to Portland this weekend. It was different from any concert I've ever been to. It was very lively and upbeat and I never knew what to expect!

Overall this was a fun weekend with Granddaddy and I'm glad that I got to show him around the city. He was my first family visitor, but I know he won't be the last (hint hint)!

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  1. How fun! I bet y'all had a great time together! And your parents are coming in just a few days! I hear you have a lot planned for them. I know they'll love the time w/ you and the northwest! Are your sisters going to make it up to see you sometime? Well, we'll be up there very soon and I hope we get to see you too! Call or email me and we can figure out some details.