Monday, June 8, 2009

Tons of 2s

As you all know, I have been an avid babysitter for the majority of my life. When I was 10 years old, I used would beg my oldest sister Emily to take me along with her when she would babysit. "Pleeease, Emily. You don't have to pay me - I'll pay you! Just let me go with you." I was desperate to play with little kids, even though I was just a kid myself. Soon I was getting my own babysitting gigs. As an eighty-pound thirteen year old, I was responsible for the safety and care of young children, including putting the little babies to bed (some of whom I could barely lift over the crib bar). I remember the akward drive home at 10:00 (way past my bedtime!) with the father, since I was way too young to drive. As a sophomore in high, I began nannying for a three-year-old little boy, Will. I would pick him up from school several times a week, so his car seat was always buckled into my car. Many times when I was getting my backpack out of the back seat in the Waco High parking lot, a fellow classmate would notice the car seat. "Ooh, Mary you got a baby? Girl, we didn't know you was a Mama!" Babysitting is how I earned my spending money throughout high school and college. But it wasn't just a way for me to make money, it was something I loved doing; time well spent.

I've really missed babysitting and spending time with kids since I've been up here in Portland. I haven't babysat once in the past five months! However, I have received several phone calls from Wacoans - one even as recent as last week - asking if I would be available to babysit that night (a little too much of a commute for a few hours with the kiddos).

Yesterday was my first day as a volunteer in the Imago Dei two-year-old class. I had a great time playing with play-do, cooking in the PlayMate kitchen, reading stories, having kids climbing on my back. Every other week, I will help out with the little ones during the 9:00 Sunday service. Its incredible how little ones have the power to brighten up out lives!


  1. Ohhhh...I wish we went there so you could be in Hannah's class at church. You are so good with little ones and your little nieces miss you sooooo much! Hannah asks all the time when Mary is coming back :(

  2. I'm glad you're doing that. They are blessed to have you at Imago Dei. Who called you from Waco?