Friday, July 31, 2009

Prank Wars

Last Friday, the interns arrived at the office ready for a busy, productive day only to find our room in complete chaos. Someone thought it would be funny to cover the floor in cups full of water, scatter candy from the Mars meeting all over the place, remove all of our chairs, unplug our keyboards and mice, turn everything on the walls upside down, and even tack our bathroom key to the ceiling. We knew the culprits wanted to see us panic and clean up the whole mess, so we did the opposite - we left the scene as we found it and went on with our usual day as if nothing was out of the ordinary. The guilty party was easy to identify - our secretary Alicia and the young financial analyst Mark. Although they denied our accusations, we gathered plenty of evidence to prove their guilt. Instead of immediate retaliating, we made these two sweat for a week.

Yesterday, Brad, Katie and I devised our plan and made preparations. This morning, we arrive at the office before 7am and put the plan in action. We replaced everything possible in Mark's office with cardboard replicas. Cardboard chair, computer, printer, keyboard, mouse, telephone, stapler, calculator, business cards, framed pictures, thermostat, newspaper... everything! We couldn't be so bold at Alicia's desk, so we just did a lot of little things: popcorn in her drawer, paperclips and hole-punched paper pieces, switched all the caps on her pens (a pet peave of hers), flipped her floor mat upside down, replaced her family pictures with pictures of us, added appointments to her Outlook calendar (9:00 apologize to interns, 10:00 bring interns ice cream, 11:00 give interns a hug)... and more!

It was a great prank war and we all had a good laugh and called it even. However, every time we walk by Alicia's front desk, she eyes us suspiciously and we wouldn't be surprised if they kept the prank war going either. I think the interns won the 1st battle, though!

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