Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sugar High

This has been quite an unusual past couple of days. Instead of waking up and heading to my daily job, I feel like I have been part of a whirlwind circus. The office has become an arena full of energy, excitement and something new around every corner! Yesterday, Murdock hosted the Mars Corporation for a roundtable discussion with local business people. Naturally, we brought in all of Mars' company products for the meeting... M&Ms, Snickers (regular and frozen), Skittles, Starburst, 3 Musketers, Dove ice cream bars. Bags and bags of candy. Boxes and boxes of ice cream. Your mouth may be watering, but my stomach is turing at the thought of sugar after being surrounded by it for the past 2 days. We even borrowed a couple of life-sized (if fictional chocolate people can be "life-sized") M&M characters from the local grocery store. Our stomaches were never empty and our mouths were never without a little smudge of chocolate remains. Therefore, the meeting when well!

During our candy breaks, we played our own personal version of putt-putt golf created by Brad. He even created a "Princess Mary Hole" in honor of me. Thanks, Brad!

What else made this week fun...
- Brad's suprise birthday lunch
- getting all 3 interns to try my grilled cheese and jam sandwich
- playing the newly wed game with the interns
- lots of laughter

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  1. Oh dear...I could eat a box of Dove ice cream bars! How fun! I can see why you're going to really miss Murdock!