Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eugene Home & Garden Show

This weekend I've been working at the Eugene Home and Garden Show for Medical Teams International.  The production company who is putting on the show invited us to come set up a booth to raise money for Haiti and they will match donations up to $10,000!  I was designated as the MTI employee to run the show for the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).  So I loaded up my car with all of our displays and materials and headed 150 miles south to Eugene, Oregon.  I haven't made it this far south yet, so I was excited to see a new part of the state.  Its not the most beautiful drive down I-5 and there isn't too much to the city, but I did do a little exploring.  I had yesterday afternoon to myself, so I drove over to the University of Oregon campus and went for a run.  Stephen Carter (another MTI staff member, not a relative) drove down to help out at the show today.  He grew up in Eugene, so during our lunch break we headed over to his favorite fish market for some fresh fish and chips!  The rest of my time has been spent at the Lane County Convention Center.  The Home & Garden Show is an interesting place.  Great for people watching.  Besides being the "Track Capital of America", Eugene seems to also be the capital of interesting facial hair.  I also met a young boy who was the 2005 International Yodeling Champion.  And our booth was right next to the Adorable Alpaca group who actually brought live alpacas with them.  As you can see, this has been a very exciting event.

But I have been truly amazed at how generous and supportive people have been of the Haiti relief efforts.  We have had hundreds of people give donations big and small.  One lady said, "My husband and I just got laid off from our jobs, but I have $6," and gave us her donation.  The students of Clear Lake Elementary School raised money all week long for Haiti and brought us a $570 check today - which is $1,140 with the matching donation!  Another little boy brought a jar full of coins and dumped them in our donation bucket.  Every little bit adds up and goes to people who need more help than we can imagine.

How to Give
- go to
- text HOPE to 253-83 to give $10
- give to an organization that you know or trust - every bit helps!

Stephen and I manning the booth

Dennis, Anne, and Ron - some of our fabulous volunteers

one of the furry alpacas


  1. Mary - You are a huge blessing! Thank you so much for giving your weekend on behalf of Medical Teams Interational! Linda

  2. Hi Mary, nice blog. I just tweeted it @GoodEarthShow

    I did not have the name of the Elementry School and wanted to write them a letter of recognition for their donation.

    It was nice meeting you at the show.
    Best wishes,
    Karen, show manger