Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ode to the Sun

To the golden ball of joy that used to brighten my days:
Where have you gone?
Why did you leave so abruptly without even saying goodbye?
You don't write, you don't call,
You don't peek out from behind the clouds to see how I'm doing.

Remember how you used to shine and we would go on hikes together?
Remember when we would share a lazy afternoon in Laurelhurst Park?
You adding a glow to my skin while I would nap under your rays?
Even when it was only 59 degrees,
I would venture outside with a beach towel and book to keep you company.
Those were the days...

Dear Mr. Sun,
This is a formal invitation for you to come visit me again.
You can stay as long as you wish.
I promise you won't wear out your welcome.

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