Friday, March 5, 2010

Awesome Things

My friend Carrie introduced me to the website 1000 Awesome Things.  The first time I visited the sight, I had to rip myself away after reading dozens of creative short posts about the simple "awesome" things of life.  Some of my favorite posts are:
- Strategic trick-or-treating
- A really cold glass of water on a really hot day
- Multitasking while brushing your teeth
- Snow falling on Christmas Eve
- When the phone rings and it's someone you were just talking about
- The Kids Table
- Getting through it

Some things that are Awesome to me are:
- recipes stained from so much use
- turning the radio on as your favorite song starts playing
- checking things off your to-do list
- driving with the windows down on a gorgeous day
- holiday coffee creamers
- waking up and realizing you can sleep for a few more hours
- the perfect parallel parking job
- getting snail mail
- big hugs from little kids
- seeing new comments on a blog post

What are some Awesome things to you?