Thursday, March 25, 2010


Last night I saw the musical Cats for the first time.  I LOVE musicals and this has been on my list of ones I want to see.  The two people I was supposed to go with both backed out 20 minutes before the show, so Stephanie (and her friend Jen) came with me literally at the last minute.  Our seats were pretty high up in the balcony so we couldn't see the details of the costumes, but we did have a great view.

I was a very energetic show full of singing and dancing cats.  When trying to explain it to a friend today all I could say was, "Pretty much each cat came out and introduced themselves and sang a song about their personality.  Then they had a midnight gala.  And at the end the old, reject cat was chosen to be reincarnated by being lifted in the sky on an old tire."  But I feel like there is a deeper meaning to the story since there were cats named Old Deuteronomy and Magical Mr. Mistofelees (a demon in Faust literature) and place called Heaviside Layer (the afterlife). I'll have to keep doing my research.  But going to this show makes me want to go to more musical theater shows in the future!


  1. I'm so glad you got to go, and found friends at the last minute to go with you. I'd love to see it again.

  2. On our first trip to England we tried to get tickets to "Cats". They were sold out but instead, by surprise, we got tickets to "Phantom". It was new then and we felt like we had struck gold!

  3. If I'm reading you correctly, I share the feeling that Cats gets more hyp than it deserves. The first time we saw it, everybody had been saying how great it was, how they loved it, wanted to see it again, so I was really excited. And then we saw it, and I went ... okay, I'm glad I've seen it but other than Memories, what song are you going to want to sing in the shower.