Monday, March 29, 2010

Cast Free!

I finally got that aweful, clunky, sweaty, heavy, itchy, uncomfortable hard cast off today!  My arm isn't completely free.  It has some more healing to do so I am wearing a soft removable splint and I really can't do much more than I could in a cast.  I have had some noteworthy accomplishments this past week though including: pulling a door open, putting my hair in a pony tail (messy, but still out of my face), and going for a run - all with a cast on!  During my first evening with a soft removable splint I have: gone grocery shopping, cooked dinner, hung up clothes and cleaned my room - all of which I literally haven't done in the past 6 weeks!

Not wearing a cast anymore is definitely great, but now I feel like a poser.  When you are wearing a hard cast (especially a full arm one) people look at you and automatically think, "I bet she broke her arm doing something extreme like Shawn White's spiraling Double McTwist 1260 or punching someone out in a fight. I'd better not mess with her."  When you're wearing a velcro splint people think, "She probably did something stupid like caught her hand in a revolving door.  She's just looking for attention."  Oh well.  I'm just glad it's healing.

My doctor said I should stay in the splint for 2 more weeks, come back for some xrays, and hopefully my wrist will be completely healed.  I can't wait for everything I will be able to do when my right arm is back to normal!

trying to give a thumbs up, but still experiencing muscular atrophy

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  1. Yay! Progress! That totally cracked me up as I know just what you are talking about. It's like the opponent you are playing with the "brace" on for all those serious injuries that they need to milk, and that's of course the reason why you are beating them. Ha! Hang in there girl, the end is in sight, and for the record I totally know that you pose as Shawn White's stunt double!