Friday, February 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home?

I’ve really been trying to check out all of my options for a place to live here in Portland… and it’s been an interesting search! I’m trying to keep an open mind about different available living situations. The right place just hasn’t come along yet. Here are the interesting options I have encountered so far:

- Extreme Makeover: A roommate who shaves her eyebrows and pencils in green ones to make her eyes pop.

- Mountain Man Roomie: A house of 3 girls and occasionally "Luke, a bearded mountain man who lives on Mt. Hood. He and his lovely dog, Tischer, crash at our place every once in a while (we have a nook with an extra bed) when he's in town teaching outdoor ed classes. he's really loveable." I'm sure he is.

- Business Woman by Day, House Maid by Night: A house of 3 guys who will "trade rent for cleaning around the house."

- Not So Lofty: "There is a loft that cannot be considered a bedroom because there is no closet and a bed can't technically be fit through the doorway, but fear not, we will make it work."

- The Zoo: A girl showed me around the house and when we got to her room she said, "Sorry about the mess and the smell, i have 2 guinea pigs and a cat." No thanks!

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