Monday, March 23, 2009

The Doctor is Out

Daniel is a part-time intern who works at Murdock two days a week. By part-time I mean that he performs regular intern tasks part of the time and counsels me the other part of the time. He is currently a grad student at George Fox pursuing a masters in marriage and family therapy. So not only do I enjoy having him as a friend to talk to, I get free therapy and he gets to use me as his counseling guinea pig. We've discussed all sorts of topics: relationships, religion, the future, the past, big decisions, little issues. So I've learned a lot about myself (and Daniel has gotten more than an earful). However, my shrink is on Spring Break this week... so here I sit. in the office. on a monday. all by myself. it's cold and rainy outside.

This could be a long week!


  1. How nice to have your own personal counselor! I guess I have Dad, but that doesn't really count.
    Love you.

  2. Have fun in Seattle this week. There are some really neat shopping sites that Claire can tell you about.