Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shake It, Mama!

Tonight my friend Drew and I found a diamond in the rough. After watching the Baylor NIT Final Four game at the Skybox Pub (Sic 'em Bears!), we grabbed some dinner then met up with some friends at the Clinton Corner Cafe. As soon as we stepped out of our car we could hear the twang of the banjo and harmonica. Every Tuesday night, the regulars gather as the Pagan Jug Band livens up the scene with some good ol' folk music. Tonight was by far the best people watching ever! The locals (all age 50 and older) hit the dance floor and boogied the night away. A few people stood out in the crowd:

- "Corduroy Ken": wandered around the dance floor in a spinning motion and never opened his eyes
- "Tye-dye Tammy": was serious about her moves and only took a break to sip her drink
- "Bandana Bob": could occasionally be seen over the crowd as he bounced around and sometimes even took the party out on the street
- "Eyeglasses Ed": stayed near the wall with his arms kept close by his side as he spastically swayed back and forth
- "Mustache Mike": played it cool as he kept the beat and rocked the 'stache
- "Tank Top Ted": could swing his hips and groove his shoulders like nobody's business - I could only dream to have his moves!

I have never been so entertained in my life! I made friends with the harmonica player's mom (who the song Shake It, Mama was dedicated to) and she personally invited us to their next gig. We told her we plan to bring a whole group to the show next week! We may become regulars ourselves.

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