Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rating Portland

The ratings are in! Portland wins as... "Unhappiest city in the US"! Business Week came to this conclusion based on number of cloudy days (222 days per year), suicide and depression rates, crime and economic factors.

Portland has also been recognized as:

#1 Best city for senior citizens
2nd Most "fiscally fit" city
6th Most stressful of 100 large metropolitan areas
8th Most energetic
15th Best city for dating
16th Healthiest city
26th Best airport for making a connection/new friend
27th Best city for sleep
39th Most single city
47th Most manly city (out of 50)

I don't think I will leave Portland just because it is the unhappiest city in the US. Afterall, this city can help me sleep well so I can go for long runs and become really health (while relieving stress), meet a not-so-manly guy at the airport, go on a date (or maybe not because everyone seems to remain single), and save enough money so I can move back as a senior citizen when I retire.


  1. That's funny! Sounds like there are more positives than negatives...wonder how Wacko Waco ranks!

  2. Mary,
    You have lots of clocks - Waco, Portland, Uganda, now all you need is KOREA!!
    Great blog, btw. I love it!