Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Day to Celebrate

Today was a day of celebration in the office. We started the morning off by eating scrumptious fruit tart and singing Happy Birthday to Kathy, the youngest 65-year-old I know. The celebration continued after lunch with an engagement party for Daniel where we enjoyed champagne cake and heard the engagement story. Between the parties we might have been somewhat productive. Then tonight after home community group, we all treated ourselves to Papa Hyden's Dessert Bistro - just to celebrate us!

Bubbly Cake
Champagne cake is a special treat I like to make when celebrating engagements. Just substitute champagne for water using a regular white cake mix. Top it off with classic white icing and you've got a celebration cake! (Don't ask what to do with the half a bottle of champagne that's left over.)

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  1. Champagne cake? I didn't know that was a specialty of yours. Sounds delicious.