Friday, August 28, 2009

Hood to Coast - Leg 1

I'm in the middle of the Hood to Coast relay and have completed my 1st leg so far. Our team met this morning at 6:45 and made the drive to Mount Hood - a little over an hour East of Portland. My 1st leg was the easiest leg of the three. It was just 4 miles and downhill the whole way (which can actually be pretty wearing on your legs). I ran it in 32 minutes which is faster than I projected. I will run my next leg at about 9:45 tonight. We made a stop at my house to take showers and relax while the 2nd van is out running. I'm pretty tired, but feeling good.
starting the 1st leg

being cheered on by Kathy

passing off to Kathy


  1. Glad you've already posted about the race. I've been thinking about you off and on all day. Glad it's going well!

  2. We're waiting to hear about the total race. Hope that it went well and that you can rest up.