Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A New Identity

After living in Portland for 7 months, I figured it was about time I got an Oregon license and license plate. After about 5 visits and 5 thousand phone calls to the DMV, I finally got it all sorted out. This was a big step which brings along a new level of commitment to Portland. However, I did add a Baylor sticker so that people can still see my Texas roots. So I would consider myself a Texoregonian (a Texan and Oregonian).


  1. I see you still have your Baylor sticker, at least! Glad you got it all taken care of. I know that's been a hassle.

  2. Love that you're still showing your Baylor pride! I'm impressed with all the running, you'd have to push me in a stroller to make it that far! :)